Down Converter


This is a unique universal down converter which covers any frequency for RF & LO 18 to 40 GHz and IF frequency range of 2 to 18 GHz. The filters are designed per customer requirement, but the outline remains the same for all.

Frequency RF/LO Ka Band and K Band
IF In C to Ku Band
Bandwidth RF 2 – 8%
IF 1 – 5%
Passband Ripple ±0.2 dB / 10 MHz
Gain 25 – 35 dB
RF Image Reject 50 dBc
All Spurious Response -40 dBm max.
Output P1 dB * 0 dBm min.
LO Power Requirement ** +14 – +18 dBm
RF Input Power *** < -30 dBm
IP3 +10 dBm min.
Noise Figure 6 dB max.
DC Supply +11 to +20V @ 250 mA max.
* Option #1: Output P1 dB of +5 dBm. IP3 becomes +15 dBm.
** Option #2: Includes A3 (refer to the block diagram) for limited LO power application of down to 0 dBm.
*** Option #3: Includes Option #1, and improves RF input power to < -25 dBm.
Option #4: This product also comes with internal LO (synthesizer) and external 10MHz reference. X&Y dimensions will be the same. Z dimension will be larger. Detailed dimensions are available upon request. The model series is KRXS32UUDC.
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