Features:                        Fast Rise/Fall Time
Extremely Small Size
Rugged Construction
Unique Residual, AM Noise Reduction
Designed for Severe Environmental Conditions
Thin Film Hybrid Technology
Applications: EW, ELINT, Receivers
DF, Receivers
ESM Systems
Anti Jamming Radar Detection
Frequency Range 18 – 27 GHz Designed to meet the following Environmental Conditions:

Operating Case Temp.:   -40 to +95°C

Storage Temp.:      -54 to +105°C

Mechanical Shock:
Per MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.5

Per MIL-STD-810F, Method 514.5

Per MIL-STD-810F, Method 507.4

Mechanical: SMA Connectors
Weight:  2.6 oz.
Volume:  0.77 cu in.
Finish:  Gold Plating per MIL-G-45204B

Dynamic Range -70 to 0 dBm
TSS -72 dBm max.
Input VSWR 2.5:1 max.
Rise Time 9 nsec. typ., 12 nsec.max.
Fall Time 12 nsec. typ., 20 nsec.max.
Recovery Time 80 nsec. max.
Propagation Delay 15 nsec. max.
Log Accuracy ±1.5 dB max. (±2.0 dB w. temp)
Video Output Drift over temp and dynamic range -0.04 dB/°C nom
Log Slope
(into 100 ohm load)
50±5 mV/dB (1)
Power Supply Operates ±12V to ±15V +12V at 350 mA max.
-12V at 100 mA max.
DC Offset +100 ±50 mV (2) CW Immunity Range: TSS to -25 dBm
Pulse Response: 25 nsec. to 100 µsec.
CW Baseline Shift:: 100 mV max.
Droop: 1.0 dB max.(from -65 to -25 dBm)
Maximum Input Level +12 dBm
Flatness ±1.5 dB max.
Base Line Noise 20 mv RMS


This product offers the following options:
(1) Slope; 25 mV/dB to 75 mV/dB
(2) DC offset; -100 to +400 mV.


Note: Above specifications are based on a slope of 50mV/dB.Some parameters may change for other slope requirements.
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