Wide-Band Power Amplifiers

(Ultra-Wideband) WPA412PA

This product is ideal for multi tone communication and radar application.

Features: Excellent linearity and pulse performance. Operating Case Temperature: -40 – +75 °C
VSWR: 2.0:1 input, 2.5:1 output  • All amplifiers operate on a single supply.
Frequency Range (GHz)  Model Gain (dB) Min. Linear Gain (±dB) Flatness Max. Output Power
DC Supply mA Max. Case Type
2.0 – 18.0 WPA412PA 26 1.5 +30 750 BMP
  • Operating Case Temperature: -40 – +65 °C
  • Power Supply Voltage: +12V ±5% or, optionally, +15V ±5%. All amplifiers operate on a single supply.
  • The parts with (*) denote G-Series and require +24V Supply or AC Input
  • Spurious Response: < 60 dBc (except harmonics)
  • VSWR: 2.0:1 input, 2.5:1 output
  • All input/output ports are KF connector above 26GHz.
  • Psat is 1 to 3 dB above P1dB (except G-Series)
  • Caution: All power amplifiers require additional heatsink. Case temperature should not exceed +70°C .
  • The parts with (**) denote subject to export control
  • The parts with (*) denote min current no RF in, max current with RF in
  • The parts with (***) denote AC input, 96 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Specifications are subject to change, slightly, due to semiconductor lot variation. Other specifications are also available (Contact Us).

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